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Hatching Eggs and Chicks



Orpington Standard

Weights for large fowl Orpington

Cock......10 lbs  Hen......8 lbs

Cockerel......8-1/2 lbs  Pullet......7 lbs

The original Orpington, the Black, was developed in England in 1886 and brought to the US in 1890. It was developed from Langshan-Rock-Minorca crosses. Today Buff, Black, White, and Blue Orpingtons are recognized color varieties. They belong to the English class in the APA & ABA standard. 

Developed as a dual purpose breed, Orpingtons make fair table fowl and are excellent winter layers of large brown eggs. They have excellent temperament, are good mothers, and make nice pets.



White Orpington

Lavender Orpington