~Hink-jc Mountain Poultry~

Hatching Eggs and Chicks

Egg colors

Here are some pictures of egg colors from our different chicken breeds:

**Note on color:  You must remember that egg color is most brilliant at the beginning of a chickens egg cycle each year and will get lighter as the season progresses**







Fertility is always tested in our own incubators to make sure you are getting fertile hatching eggs.

 We cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to the fact the eggs are shipped and incubation is outside our hands.

Orders are shipped via USPS priority.




Incubators we use


GQF 1502 Sportsman Incubators

GQF 1588 Genesis Picture window bators

Picture195.jpg picture by hinkjc

Picture198.jpg picture by hinkjc

One large homemade hatcher