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Hatching Eggs and Chicks

Edwards Pheasant

   Edwards Pheasants

A 6 year old Pair

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We only have two breeding pairs of the Edwards and so the eggs are very limited. The first pair is a 6 year old proven breeder pair which are not directly related to each other, the 2nd pair is a Hen kept from the the 6 year old pair, she is two years old as of 2011 and we have another male from a different line from the south. 

 Edwards pheasants were thought to be extinct in the wild. However it is EST that only a 1000 are alive in the wild based on what Ive read and on studies listed on the Internet. The population are doing well in captivity.

 Males of this small pheasant have a stunning glossy black plumage with shiny blue lustre, and metallic-green fringes to the upper wing.

 Standing out in contrast to this rich, dark plumage is a short, craggy white crest, and conspicuous red legs and facial skin. Hens lack the cock's crest and are much duller in colour, being uniformly greyish-brown with warmer tinged wings and a blackish tail, but share the same red legs and facial skin.

 The Vietnamese pheasant aka Vietnamese Fireback is very similar to Edwards's pheasant and is believed by some scientists to be a subspecies, but has white central tail feathers instead of blue and a slightly longer white crest. The female fireback, however, is nearly identical to the Edwards's hen, though perhaps a little darker. Scientific studies are ongoing to determine if the L. hatinhensis is indeed a subspecies or a true species.