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Hello and welcome to our web site 


We started our venture again in poultry back in 1992.


We go to great lengths to ensure our flocks of healthy, vigorous birds have great lives. They have access to the outside on a daily basis with optimal flight pens for their protection and we also alternate free ranging to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to forage for fresh vegetation and other yummy snacks. All of our chickens are secured inside their coops at night to ensure they are safe from predators. Each breed is housed separately to guarantee purity of the breeds.


We are a small poultry farm but have grown a bit over the years due to our interest in the different breeds and species of fowl. It is our pleasure to share this hobby with our fellow backyard chicken friends.


We do sell fertile hatching eggs and chicks to folks who enjoy this hobby as much as we do.  Fertility is verified by our own hatches prior to offering eggs to others.  All of our egg and chick sales go back into the costly requirements of raising excellent quality poultry.


As a member of the American Poultry Association, we welcome you to the world of poultry and hope you enjoy our site. Feel free to look around and contact us with any questions you may have.

Happy Hatching

Hinkjc Mountain Poultry

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