~Hink-jc Mountain Poultry~

Hatching Eggs and Chicks

Mutant Pheasants

~Pure Melanistics~


~Melanistic X Blueback~

****Lots of Very pretty colors****

Hatching Eggs

1/2 doz $6.50
1 doz $12.00 

*S/H not included in egg price

*Pheasant Chicks, Pick up only @ $1.75 each Min of 6*




  pheasantrun004.jpg picture by hinkjc

chochens008.jpg picture by hinkjc

chochens011.jpg picture by hinkjc

38e7f05a.jpg picture by hinkjc

pheasantrun013.jpg picture by hinkjc


Very Limited on all wild species of birds. eggs/poults/chicks are offered first come, first serve!

We are permitted by the Pa Game Commission.

All paper work to be included in Our Wild species of birds: poults, chicks and eggs.