~Hink-jc Mountain Poultry~

Hatching Eggs and Chicks

Project breeds/birds in the works


"These project birds are not yet available, However some of the culls are sold from time to time that are not selected for the furthering of the projects

*Large fowl Projects in the works*

These are not imports and are being developed right here in the USA

LF Jubilee Orps, LF Porcelain OrpsLF Mottled Orps

** Mottled chicks in growth and feathering stages**

100_6176.jpg picture by hinkjc




Speckled Sussex Roo on Black Orpington Project hens carrying the mottled and lavender gene. Working towards Jubilee and possibly porcelain Orpingtons in the near future


Got some of our first chicks from these breedings - mottling is good, more to come

Here's some F1 one chicks from the breeding above at 8 weeks old




Speckled Sussex X Buff Orpington

**selected chicks will be used in our Jubilee Orpington Projects, several hatches of these to come (Black chick is an Araucana not from this breeding) More plumage pics to come, as chicks feather out..


above chicks at 10 days old below





Up dated pic's of the Speckled Sussex X Buff Orpingtons

Check back for updated pics and more info